GGB Services

Over the last decade Girls Giving Back has developed a team of dedicated experts to transform spaces and lives of families in King & Snohomish County. Read more about our team, services and get more information about contracting their services.

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founder/non profit Guru

Teresa Valley has been in the giving back industry since she was a teenager! She launched Girls Giving Back in 2009 and has so much to share of this journey and how to create a 501(c)(3) that can make a difference! To hire her expertise and to learn more about what it would take to make your non profit launch: contact :


creative services

Our Creative Director, Kalika Curry, brings 17 years of graphic design, marketing and creative services to the team. Kalika’s design style features strong typography, pops of color and heartfelt stock photos. Available for brand refreshes, print and digital marketing campaign assets.



Trish is the owner of Straighen It Up and trust us she is the master of creating a space that is organized and will teach you the tools you need to keep your home or office in a peaceful place. Life is better when you are organized. You can make one of the best decisions and hire Trish today: Email her today:

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Interior Design Expert

Stephanie Lappano is a creative designer with a focus on curating space is the combine art finishes in Innovacion with today’s lifestyle Stephanie also considers herself a consummate student of her craft as she pursues environmentally friendly products and her designs without giving up the tradition while her early years were spent primarily on residential space is she has crossed over into commercial spaces.

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fundraising Guidance

When it comes to guiding your non profit and connecting with the community this is where we can help. Lets sit down and discuss your goals an dreams and connect you with the resources to make it happen. Email

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team & youth workshops

GGB’s plug & play workshops are easy, engaging and impactful. Our team of youth development specialist, artist and facilitator’s offer a suite of options focused on social emotional intelligence, creativity, & philanthropy.