She was speechless

We were remodeling one of the last units at the Solid Ground shelter next to Harborview, when I noticed a woman and a couple kids at the bottom of the stairwell with a bunch of boxes and what appeared to be haphazardly moved stuff, like someone who had move rapidly under duress. I said to GGB founder Teresa, “I think the mom who is moving in here is downstairs. Could we help her move?” Teresa said to ask the building manager.

The manager said “of course”, so when we were done with the last picture hanging and last food put away in the kitchen, Teresa led us downstairs, introduced GGB, and offered to have us move her into the unit. As the mom looked at all her things and the daunting stairwell, the look of relief on her face was palpable, so we all picked up her boxes and headed up the three flights of stairs.

Teresa led the way, with the mom and kids right behind her, and I was close behind them. We entered the unit, and the mom looked around silently at the lovingly painted art on the walls, the bright furniture, new kids toys on the bunk beds, a fully stocked kitchen, the California Closet, and the cheerful bathroom.

She was speechless.

After a very long pause, the mom could barely whisper in disbelief – “this is for us?”

That’s what GGB does – we create homes for people who are in desperate need of safety and stability in their life.