Deepening Community Connections

I was introduced to GGB through a mutual friend at a dinner party. That sparked my interest in their journey and mission through Art, Design and community service. I decided to attend an art evening they host at the KTUB building in Kirkland every 1st Tuesday of the month & I invited two of my local friends to meet after work. What we found was a great place for kids to hang out and learn about all kinds of services and education available along with community. The canvases and the paint are provided and you come in to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, great conversation & the wonders of making happy art. It’s a couple of hours doing something different once a month that makes a lasting impression. Once the Art is done all canvases are photographed together and then go to GGB for the next shelter renovation project or for the annual art auction to raise money for shelter renovations. 

This experience was so inspiring I started attending the shelter renovations. This is something that has been so rewarding and has connected me to the community more than anything else. It makes me feel good to share this with my family and friends and with my community. It has been a couple of years and several renovations now end it just keeps getting better. I hope more people will get involved and feel the joy of helping make a fresh start for someone that needs it. GGB has definitely brought more purpose to my family and business and is helping us with our goals reaching towards a circular economy.

  • Stephanie Lappano